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Chattanooga’s Premier CrossFit Facility

Fitness is for everyone, not just gym rats. Stay-at-home moms, cubicle warriors, grandparents and executives all need the same thing to feel great and have a better quality of life - a strong body! That’s where we come in. Yes, we’ve got elite athletes on our roster, but we’ve got every other kind of person, too. Whoever you are, you’re going to feel right at home with us.

Fitness has to be fun and show results for you to stick with it. Motivation doesn’t come out of thin air, you know? So we focus on making your workouts exciting, always changing, and just tough enough to leave you a little sore (ok, maybe a lot) and craving more.

With plenty of one-on-one attention, intelligent programming we always scale to your fitness level, small class sizes (no more than 1:15) and simply the most supportive members in all of Chattanooga - you WILL find the great health and strong body you’ve been looking for here at Full Steam CrossFit.

Sore: The Most Satisfying Pain

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Our Facility

Full Steam CrossFit’s 2,000-square-foot facility in Chattanooga is the city’s CrossFit haven in the shadow of Lookout Mountain. Here, you’ll find all the amenities you’d expect at a world-class gym - including a wealth of top-tier CrossFit equipment so you’ll never waste your workout time waiting in line. Plus, we’re lucky enough to share the space with Kioto BJJ Chattanooga, an awesome Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym that Full Steam owners have personally trained with!

  • I'm still a newbie at this whole CrossFit thing, but I already love it. The Fundamentals course was EXACTLY what I needed to get back into the game of fitness! I would recommend Full Steam to anyone. There's a place for everyone at Full Steam!

    Kristina Dorton

  • I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but it's been very beneficial. We've found a lot of weaknesses in my mobility and form that I never would've found or corrected on my own. I feel stronger and more comfortable every week.

    Trey Harness

  • First of all, know this: not all CrossFit boxes are created equal! Full Steam CrossFit is the BEST! I am 55-years old, and I am stronger than I ever thought I could be because of the expertise and support I get from Jordan, et al, at Full Steam CrossFit.

    Sheri Howard